Greenclose hotels are all about where we are and who we are – a reflection of homegrown hospitality in countryside and coastal settings throughout the UK. We want our guests to feel at home wherever they are. From the serene New Forest, to the stunning scenery of North Wales and the beauty and diversity of the Greek Islands.

Our ethos is simple; exceeding expectations at all times, exceptional food and drink offered in luxurious surroundings, where the customer comes first. Respect, commitment, passion, professionalism, accountability are our key values. This is backed up by a firm belief in environmental and ethical principles

Our Environmental Policy

As a hotel group we recognise that our activities have an impact on our environment. We see ourselves as an ethical organisation and as such we place a significant emphasis on managing and improving our environmental performance.

Our objectives are to reduce waste across the hotels and spa through:

  • Managing and monitoring our use of energy and water
  • Reducing and recycling waste
  • Ethical procurement where practical
  • Encouraging suppliers who adopt green policies
  • Promoting environmental awareness and responsibilities with all employees
  • Communicating the environmental achievements of the company
  • Encouraging staff and guests to travel sustainably in conjunction with organisations such as ‘Green Traveller’.
  • Encouraging wildlife habitats on our properties
  • Engaging in community and charity related activities and projects through organisations such as ‘Love The Forest’, ‘New Forest Green Leaf Tourism’, ‘Green Tourism’

To achieve these objectives we have established a Green Steering Committee comprised of senior staff members and an executive working group of employees who care about our impact on the environment.

Ethical Food Policy

Greenclose hotels are dedicated to using seasonal, free-range ingredients sourced from carefully selected local suppliers. We believe that free-range, organic produce is not just better because of its purity and freedom from additives, but because it tastes a lot better too. We also believe it is important to know where our produce comes from to help maintain the sustainability of local produce and ensure quality.

Our Values

  • To provide leadership which inspires and motivates our employees
  • To be fair, considerate and respectful employers to our loyal and hard working staff, fostering personal development and encouraging initiative and individuality.
  • To provide a service which meets the needs of our guests while striving to minimise the environmental impact, setting an example within the hotel industry.
  • To be equal opportunity employers.
  • To take into consideration the wider impact of our operations on a local, national and global scale.